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Demand Limiting Controller (DLC)
The DLC is an intelligent networked system that automatically manages HVAC energy; including demand, kWh use and overall HVAC load during peak hours for industrial, commercial and retail facilities. By leveraging discrete zone data with weather forecasts, the DLC ensures optimal building conditions with managed HVAC operation.
Energy Monitoring System & More
Reduces Electric Bills
Demand – prevents all units from running simultaneously
Use – manages fan and compressor independently
Peak Rate – expands the comfort zone
Explanation of Savings
Key Features
Centralized control all HVAC units
Compatible across ALL brands of HVAC manufacturers
Detailed energy monitoring, logging, & reporting
Complete List of Features
User Profile
6,000 – 200,000 SQ. FT
3 or more HVAC units
Demand metering (>10,000kWh/month)
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